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Dani James,
Business Development Manager, Internal Operations

About Dani

Dani manages the firm’s marketing and actively promotes Thursfields award-winning legal services.

Day to day she assists our Managing Director, Nick O’Hara ensuring that he is meeting with local business people and potential customers  to guide and advise on Thursfields broad range of legal services.

She plans and manages the firm’s marketing strategy which includes design and implementation of digital adverts, managing our social media, website, print literature and press releases, and ensuring clear communication of the strategy and it’s impact throughout the business.

Also involved is ensuring we support our local communities by way of attending, sponsoring and also holding events across  Worcestershire and the West Midlands, continuously building relations to aid the growth of Thursfields’ client base.

Our vast range of services is ever evolving as we continue to grow across the Midlands. We have solicitors in all legal fields with customer service at the heart of the firm’s values, ensuring that not only the legal expertise are delivered but customer satisfaction too.


“I am delighted to have the opportunity to work within such a reputable, growing firm

and to be able to recommend and promote such high quality legal experts.” Dani James

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