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New rules for converting commercial high street premises into homes welcome

New rules making it easier for commercial premises to be converted into homes to help revitalise England’s high streets and town centres have been welcomed by Thursfields Solicitors. The package of government measures, announced by housing secretary Robert Jenrick, are aimed at providing more homes and transforming unused buildings to give high streets a new…

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I do not need a Will – it will all go to the wife. Right?

Well yes and no. You are correct that there are rules in place to distribute your estate, in the absence of a Will. But the rules do not take into account the true nature of family relationships and what the average person might think is “right” of “fair”. For example, if you are legally married…

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No Fault Divorce – Do I need a Solicitor?

A New Minefield? The procedure for no fault divorce is likely to be introduced later this year. No fault divorce may sound very attractive and simple. However, how the petition is completed can have serious financial consequences for you and therefore is not as simple as at first sight appears. We would still recommend anyone…

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Thursfields Talk Legal: a clear guide to the legal process when tackling a dispute

A clear guide for SMEs considering legal action to solve business disputes will be the focus of a free Thursfields Solicitors’ webinar later this month. Stephen Rome, a director in the Dispute Resolution department at Thursfields, will be hosting the latest Talk Legal webinar at 10am on Wednesday 14 April. The event has been titled:…

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What is the purpose of a Shareholders’ Agreement?

When setting up a new company, it is common for shareholders, as owners of the company, to enter into a Shareholders’ Agreement. It is highly recommended and common for shareholders to enter into on the registration of a new company but may be entered into at any time in the life of a company. Through…

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Loss of flexibility could prove an own goal for Uber drivers

Uber’s decision to pay the national living wage, holiday entitlement and pension contributions could remove one of the fundamental attractions of working in the gig economy, according to employment experts at Thursfield Solicitors. Helena Morrissey, director and head of employment at Thursfields, said: “Uber drivers are today celebrating the Supreme Court decision that they should…

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Young people should be making their Wills

Although nearly 90 per cent of people aged under 34 in the UK have not made a Will, you are never too young to plan your legacies.   The advice comes from Michelle Hetheridge, a Director in the Wills & Estates department at Thursfields Solicitors. She said: “As a generation, millennials are often criticised for…

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Time to repair the roof?

As an employer you are probably well aware of the risks of a member of your workforce bringing a discrimination claim. Such claims have no cap to their financial value and while rarer, there are a number of examples of compensation running into six figure awards. What is more, successful discrimination claims cause wider damage…

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What is a Lasting Power of Attorney?

What is a Lasting Power of Attorney? A Lasting Power of Attorney (or LPA) is a document that allows you to appoint one or more people to make decisions for you or act on your behalf. What sort of decisions? There are two types of LPA. One sort allows the person or people you appoint…

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Thursfields Talk Legal: helping charities and community groups plan successful futures

Planning successful futures for charities and other community groups will be the focus of a free Thursfields Solicitors’ webinar later this month. The Zoom-based event from 10am on Wednesday 24 March will be hosted by several of Thursfields’ top legal experts who will discuss the four key areas of governance, employment, property and fundraising. Jenny…

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Changing your will after a divorce

In England and Wales, if you made a will while you were married and then you get divorced, your divorce can alter the terms of your will. Although your will remains valid after divorce, your ex-spouse will no longer be able to benefit from it, unless you have expressly stated otherwise. They will also no…

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Top employment lawyer at Thursfields joins the board at Solihull BID

One of the senior leaders at Thursfields Solicitors has been invited and appointed to the board of Solihull Business and Improvement District (BID). Helena Morrissey, the director of Employment & HR Law department at Thursfields, said she was looking forward to bringing her experience to the BID’s board to help it meet the needs of…

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