I do not need a Will – it will all go to the wife. Right?

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Well yes and no.

You are correct that there are rules in place to distribute your estate, in the absence of a Will.

But the rules do not take into account the true nature of family relationships and what the average person might think is “right” of “fair”.

For example, if you are legally married or in a civil partnership (this does not apply to “common law” partners, who under the rules are not entitled to anything) your spouse can expect to inherit everything except if you have children. Whether from this relationship or earlier, irrespective of age, adopted or biological, illegitimate or not, if they speak to you everyday or have not spoken to you in 20 years, those children are collectively entitled to a share of your estate, after the first £270,000 of your estate and your personal possessions are gifted to your spouse.

So, If the house is in your sole name and is worth £300,000, your spouse will not have sole ownership of the house, and no entitlement to any savings (or other assets) you might have.

If you would like to see how a simple will can ensure the right people inherit all that you want them to, please call us to discuss how we can quickly and cost effectively ensure that those you leave behind, are provided for as you would wish.

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Amanda Smith - Colour 2017

Amanda Smith,

Solicitor, Wills & Estates

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