Dealing with employee complaints in a timely and sensitive manner is often the key to resolving matters and helping both the company and employee move forward.

We can help employers navigate their way through the grievance process and ensure they comply with their legal duties, safeguard the employer’s position and seek to find an amicable solution to the grievance.

Furthermore, dealing with a grievance in a professional and timely way allows an employer to remain in control of the issue raised, minimise disruption to the business and resolve the employee’s issues so that focus on the employer’s priorities can be maintained.

Key areas in which we can assist are by reviewing and advising on the steps to take in the investigation, drafting the grievance investigation outcome and advising on the grievance hearing.

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New guidance on harassment at work

The #MeToo campaign has exposed many occasions where Non Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) have been used as an attempt to prevent employees speaking out about sexual harassment in the workplace. The difficulty for employers is there are no minimum requirements as to how they should act to prevent and deal with such behaviour in the first…

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Anticipated surge in gifts in wills can benefit charities of all sizes

Charities of all sizes need to look to the long term as well as short term fundraising projects, according to Thursfields Solicitors. Senior associate solicitor Katherine Ellis, who previously spent three years in London working as a solicitor and legacy manager with the British Heart Foundation, said it was not just big national charities that…

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