Do you feel you have you been treated less favourably because you or someone you care for has a disability? Do you want to know where you stand? Our expert team of Solicitors can help.  

Disability discrimination at work is a complex area of law. Our Solicitors can help to take the struggle out of the experience.

We can advise on your legal position, equip you for conversations with your employer, advise on the law relating to reasonable adjustments and time off work for dependants.

In Tribunal proceedings our expert litigators can represent you in your disability discrimination claim.

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Holding on for a bumpy ride

What is bumping? Bumping is a term that is heard of when talking, primarily about redundancy situations. To put it in simple terms bumping is a process of moving a potentially redundant employee (A) into another role and dismissing the employee currently performing that role (B). Therefore, for it to be a true bumping situation…

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