Co-habitation or Living Together Agreements are intended to regulate financial arrangements where parties either live together or intend to live together.

Co-habitees are currently not regulated by any legislation. Frequently co-habitees believe the myth that they are
common law husband and wife, unfortunately there is no such thing. Currently there is only legislation which
governs married couples and those in civil partnerships.

Although a co-habitation agreement can often be seen as being pessimistic this could save considerable fall out
and legal costs, in the event of a relationship breakdown.

If there is no agreement between the co-habiting couple then the Courts will rely on the law of trust to resolve any
property disputes. This can be extremely complicated, so obtaining skilled and specialist legal advice and
representation is essential.

We can assist you with the creation of the co-habitation agreement and also advise comprehensively on any
issues that may occur after a relationship breakdown.

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