If you’re in a civil partnership, or you’re thinking about formalising your relationship, our family law lawyers could help you with a range of legal issues.

We are able to offer expert and comprehensive advice on civil partnerships and same-sex marriages.

The first civil partnerships were formed in 2005 and as time passes it is more common for same-sex couples to
legally separate (divorce). If you are looking to end your civil partnership, we are able to guide you through the
process. We appreciate that a relationship breakdown can be extremely emotional and every situation is unique and we will ensure your best interests and welfare are considered every step of the way.

We have an excellent understanding of the issues faced by same-sex couples and have represented couples in
family disputes to include dealing with transgender in children matters, dissolving civil partnerships and dealing
with same sex couple and children issues.

We are committed to supporting LGBT issues and are proud to demonstrate this through our Stonewall

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