Wills and Estates

How would you like to be remembered?

A couple holding hands across a table

We would all like to be remembered when we die. This could be by having a tree planted in your memory or having a bench placed in a favoured spot. Perhaps you will leave a small donation to your friends; enough to pay for a round of drinks or a meal out. Most people do…

Don’t forget your digital assets

Lady at a table on her mobile phone, with a tablet and laptop

Digital technologies now help us to run most of our lives – on top of our physical possessions, we are building a parallel world of digital assets – within the capability of our smart phones is the ability to: book a taxi; order a food delivery; play games; watch TV; send money to relatives; book…

Will making during Coronavirus pandemic

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The Coronavirus pandemic has brought many challenges. As a firm, Thursfields adjusted to home-working and a life of video conferencing with clients as well as online court procedures. Very few of our physical legal encounters with clients could not be replicated through the use of technology. Wills and Estates Coronavirus changed many people’s attitudes to…

Top probate lawyer joins Thursfields as head of Wills and Estates

Ian Bond

An experienced lawyer who is a contributing author to a national handbook on probate has been appointed head of the Wills and Estates department at Thursfields Solicitors. Ian Bond has joined  from Talbots Law in the Black Country, where he was head of trusts and estate for more than three years. Before that, he worked…

Beware the missed Will Trust

Deborah Beal - Colour

Inheritance Tax law changed dramatically in 2007.  Prior to this date, whilst there was no Inheritance Tax between married couples, each individual had their own Inheritance Tax allowance and this was not transferrable between the two of them.  Therefore if on the first death a spouse left their estate to the survivor and the survivor’s…

Why use a professional to administer an Estate?

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It dawned on me as I gazed out of the window of my dining room/office that I have now been helping families administer Wills and Estates for over half of my life! Without giving my age away, that time spent has been challenging, surprising, fulfilling and satisfying throughout. I particularly enjoy receiving suitcases full of…

There’s never been a better time to talk about Wills following COVID-19

A couple having a meeting with a man in a shirt and tie

Wills and Estates With everyone thinking more about death in the wake of COVID-19, it’s the perfect time to make sure Wills are planned properly. Michelle Hetheridge, director of the Wills & Estates department at Thursfields said professional advice would help ensure that deceased’s loved ones received what was rightfully theirs as quickly as possible….

Consider remote Mediation for disputes during Lockdown

Pam Deol - Colour 2020

Inheritance and probate disputes are still being progressed during Covid-19 with the assistance of online mediation services.  Mediation is often used to achieve resolution of disputes.  The use of technology (for example, a video conferencing platform such as Zoom) can provide conditions as close as possible to those of a face to face mediation. The…

Don’t take short-cuts on Wills during COVID-19

Samuel Thornton

It is reported that the government is looking at changing requirements around witnessing a Will in the wake of the Coronavirus outbreak. Currently a Will must be signed by the testator in the presence of two independent witnesses, but the Ministry of Justice is consulting with the Law Society to consider relaxing the signing requirements….

Changes to Inheritance Tax (IHT) Forms during Covid-19 | Wills and estates

Laura Banks - Colour WEB

Emergency COVID-19 measures that mean there is no longer a need for handwritten signatures on inheritance tax (IHT) forms have been welcomed by Thursfields Solicitors. The comments from the leading Midlands law firm comes as HMRC announced it was temporarily accepting printed signatures on IHT returns instead of personal representatives’ physical signatures when there is…

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