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No need to parade your family disputes in the spotlight

Nobody likes to see their family disputes and financial affairs played out in public but arguments over wills are at record levels. Never mind the embarrassment of having private matters debated in the High Court, consider the potential damage to the family business where large sums of money, assets and jobs can be affected. The…

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Where should you store your will?

Your will is one of the most important documents you will ever write. Once in place, you need to make sure you keep it in a safe place where your executors can find it when they need it. So you should store it very carefully. If your will is damaged or if your executors can’t…

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Instructing Professionals to Administer an Estate

If you are named in someone’s Will as an Executor, carrying out their wishes may, on the face of it, seem straightforward. The Estate has a couple of bank accounts, some shares to sell and a house to put on the market. All of the residual monies are to be split three ways. Everyone gets…

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Thursfields’ latest Talk Legal webinar to explain how useful a Power of Attorney can be

The reasons why people should consider arranging a Power of Attorney will be discussed in detail during Thursfields Solicitors’ next webinar later this month. The Zoom-based event from 10am on Wednesday 25 August will start with a short vidcast from Annabel Kay, Head of Court of Protection and vulnerable client services at Thursfields, and she…

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Court action can be taken if elderly relatives are being abused

Family members concerned that elderly parents might be suffering abuse from other relatives can take court action to resolve issues, according to Thursfields Solicitors. The advice comes after a recent Court of Protection case resulted in an order for an adult child to be removed from his mother’s property to protect her rights and interests….

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New director of Wills & Estates at Thursfields will help establish estate planning practice

A top lawyer with expertise in tax and trust planning has been recruited by Thursfields Solicitors to help establish an estate planning practice in the firm’s Birmingham office. Terry Cooper has been appointed as a director of Wills & Estates with a focus on entrepreneurs and business owners, wealthy families, and individuals who need wills…

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SDLT Holiday and IHT Planning

A report in The Times[1] recently suggests house prices are beginning to fall as the Stamp Duty Land Tax exemption period came to an end on the 30th June 2021. The stamp duty ‘holiday’, as it came to be known, saw a surge of conveyancing activity, especially in the run-up to the deadline, with many…

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Thursfields appoints new head of Court of Protection and vulnerable client services

A specialist lawyer with experience of handling complex cases involving vulnerable children and adults has been recruited to a new role at Thursfields Solicitors. Annabel Kay has been appointed as head of the Court of Protection and vulnerable client services. She will be building a team that will work across the company’s West Midlands offices…

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What is a Grant of Representation and why do I need one?

When a person dies, whether they have a Will or not, there may be the requirement for a Grant of Representation. A Grant of Representation is a Court Order which evidences the personal representative’s legal authority to deal with the deceased’s estate.  The Grant of Representation is also evidence of the validity of a Will…

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You have a Business, but do you have a Lasting Power of Attorney?

Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPAs) appoint people to make decisions for you if you are unable to do so yourself. These decisions can be in relation to financial or health-based affairs. However, did you know that you can also have an LPA for your business affairs? It is often assumed that someone can make business…

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How to protect your property after death with a Life Interest Trust

For many people, the most valuable asset they own is their property and so often our clients are concerned with how they can protect their property after they have died.  The law provides a mechanism in order to allow somebody to benefit from an asset for their lifetime but to protect the underlying capital value…

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I do not need a Will – it will all go to the wife. Right?

Well yes and no. You are correct that there are rules in place to distribute your estate, in the absence of a Will. But the rules do not take into account the true nature of family relationships and what the average person might think is “right” of “fair”. For example, if you are legally married…

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