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Changing your will after a divorce

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In England and Wales, if you made a will while you were married and then you get divorced, your divorce can alter the terms of your will. Although your will remains valid after divorce, your ex-spouse will no longer be able to benefit from it, unless you have expressly stated otherwise. They will also no…

What is Business Property Relief?

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Different priorities can make it challenging for business owners to commit to succession planning but taking advice at an early stage can improve the chances of securing Business Property Relief and avoid the need for a profitable business to be sold or broken up to meet a future inheritance tax charge. There is often a…

Don’t take short-cuts on Wills during COVID-19

Samuel Thornton

It is reported that the government is looking at changing requirements around witnessing a Will in the wake of the Coronavirus outbreak. Currently a Will must be signed by the testator in the presence of two independent witnesses, but the Ministry of Justice is consulting with the Law Society to consider relaxing the signing requirements….

Changes to Inheritance Tax (IHT) Forms during Covid-19 | Wills and estates

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Emergency COVID-19 measures that mean there is no longer a need for handwritten signatures on inheritance tax (IHT) forms have been welcomed by Thursfields Solicitors. The comments from the leading Midlands law firm comes as HMRC announced it was temporarily accepting printed signatures on IHT returns instead of personal representatives’ physical signatures when there is…

Webinar: Legal issues affecting Business owners | Wills and estates

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Legal experts, Stewart Coles and Laura Banks will be hosting a webinar in conjunction with Herefordshire and Worcestershire Chamber of Commerce on 29 April at 12pm. The webinar will focus on latest property issues affecting business owners and also discuss the importance and relevance of making wills and LPAs. To register, see link below: https://hwchamber.co.uk/webinar-legal-issues-affecting-business-owners-assessing-your-financial-affairs-during-coronavirus/

Will simple be best? Wills and estates

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Many people want to “keep things simple” and leave everything in their Will to their spouse if they die first, or between their children if they die second. This has much to commend it, but it is always best to think about all the options as there are good reasons NOT to follow this structure….

Divorce and finances | Family law

How to ensure the past doesn’t come back to haunt you When you want to move on with your life post-divorce the last thing you need is unfinished business rearing its ugly head. If financial matters relating to your divorce are not fully and formally dealt with at the time, you will be living with…

Protecting the family assets from bad divorces | Family law

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There is an increase in children relying on the bank of Mum and Dad to secure their first home or move out of their family home. Parents are also becoming increasingly concerned about money that it intended for their children, which may fall into the hands of an estranged partner after a messy divorce or…

What is Your New Year’s Resolution? Family law

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The New Year is a good time to take stock of all aspects of your life. This includes looking at your relationship and your personal life. January is a busy time for family solicitors because clients having reassessed their relationship and family life over the festive season and decided that change is required. If you…

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