Personal Injury Claims

‘Rip Off’ for Consumers or Justice for Injured Persons?

Employee at thursfields Bernadette Mackie

There has been much press coverage over the decision of Liz Truss, the Lord Chancellor,  yesterday  to reduce the ‘Discount Rate’ used for calculating damages in personal injury claims. Headlines have centred on the likely increase in insurance premiums resulting from the change. It has been suggested that this will undermine insurers’ promise to cut…

What is an inquest and do I need a Lawyer?

Employee at thursfields Bernadette Mackie

The recent cases of the ‘Birmingham Six’ and ‘Hillsborough’ have demonstrated the importance of an effective inquest system. Not only to protect  the rights of the deceased’s family, but also to highlight lessons to be learned, and to advance medical knowledge. An inquest is a fact finding process, opened by a Coroner in around 10%…

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