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Animal Houdinis – your legal liability?

Stefania-Fulford black and white

Yesterday seemed to be an eventful day in Worcestershire with more than one report of escaping animals making their way into the local press. A flock of sheep escaped from their field and caused chaos on the Powick roundabout just outside of Worcester, and a pet dog managed to climb onto the roof of its…

Professional Negligence Claims in the Equine Industry

Professional negligence claims in the equine industry are often particularly emotional – claims will only arise if the health or physical fitness of your beloved new horse has faltered. How do you know if you have been let down by your vet or if you have just been very unlucky? When instructing a vet to…

Housing options for agricultural workers – avoiding security of tenure

An agricultural worker provided with a self-contained home as part of their job on the farm may automatically be considered to be residing in the property under an ‘assured agricultural occupancy’. Assured agricultural occupancies have many potential pitfalls from the point of view of an agricultural employer and so housing farm workers should be approached…

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