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How to protect your business if you face divorce

When people get married, they always hope to live ‘happily ever after,’ but many marriages sadly end in divorce. Although divorces are always difficult for everyone involved, they can become that much more difficult when one or both spouses own a business. Your business is probably very important to you and you no doubt will…

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What happens to my pension on Divorce? Family Law

When going through a separation or divorce, you may not be sure what happens to yours and your partners’ pension. Below we explore some of the most frequently asked questions about this: My partners’ pension is the same amount as the equity in our house, should I just accept the house? This is one of…

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How are businesses affected by divorce? | Family Law

In divorce cases the presence of a business will often cause a great deal of concern and anxiety not just for the business owner but also for their spouse.  It is unsurprising that this can lead to confusion and therefore disagreement when dividing the marital assets. Many people believe that if their spouse has not…

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No Fault Divorce – Will this happen in 2020? Family Law

The Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Bill proposing that the current law should be changed, to allow for a provision for no fault divorce, has now passed it’s second reading in the House of Commons.  As the bill is now in its last stages, with amendments to be discussed between the House of Lords and House…

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Are Court Hearings still going ahead? Family Law

The recent outbreak has lead to a great number of changes for almost everyone, affecting all aspects of our daily lives.  The Courts are no exception to this and have had to adapt to the current guidelines produced by the Government. Currently in the family courts, Hearings are still going ahead where possible.  Given the…

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Thursfields’ Talk Legal: Webinar discusses financial arrangements in marital breakdowns | Family Law

Protecting your financial arrangements when a marriage breaks down will be the focus of Thursfields Solicitors’ next free webinar later this month. Lorna Tipple, an associate director in the Family Law department at the leading Midlands law firm, will host the Talk Legal webinar at 10am on Wednesday 17 June. Lorna will introduce the webinar…

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How are marital assets divided in Divorce? | Family Law

The answer to this question is often ‘with great difficulty’.  However it does not have to be difficult but it is often a very complex task made more difficult by several factors such as the amount of wealth, high, medium or low, the complexity of the marital assets and by the respective positions adopted by…

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What does Coronavirus mean for my divorce? | Family Law

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought with it much uncertainty, the likes of which have not been seen in many of our lifetimes. For those considering a divorce, or already in the process, it is a difficult time and many will be concerned about the impact on the Family Courts. For those considering a divorce, it…

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Lockdown proves a rocky time for relationships and child arrangement issues | Family Law

Cracks in relationship and disputes over co-parenting and custody issues have been exacerbated during lockdown. Thursfields’ award winning family law team, reacted quickly at the start of the six week lockdown to ensure continuity of contact with clients and enable potential new clients to access their services. Shane Miller, director and head of the family…

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Warning to parents using ‘lockdown excuse’ in custody battles

A top judge has warned that separated mums and dads should not exploit lockdown rules in fights over contact with their children. Sir Andrew McFarlane, head of the family courts in England and Wales, said parents trying to use Covid-19 guidance to prevent an ex-partner from seeing their child could face court action. Shane Miller,…

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Thursfields’ lawyer volunteers to support well-being centre | Charity law

A lawyer at Thursfields Solicitors is reaching out to vulnerable and isolated people in her spare time during COVID-19 via a charity the company works with in Worcestershire. Lorna Tipple, an associate director in the Family Law department at Thursfields’ Kidderminster office, is planning the corporate social responsibility (CSR) work with the Simply Limitless Wellbeing…

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Family Matters – Emergency Remedies | Family Law

Due to the outbreak of Coronavirus/COVID-19, the whole nation is compelled to stay at home wherever possible.  This will cause concern to those that feel vulnerable at home through domestic abuse or a relationship breakdown.  During this time the Family Courts and the family team at Thursfields remain operational to assist you if you need…

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