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Dismissal of 28 identical divorce petitions highlights importance of expert legal advice

The family court’s rejection of more than two dozen ‘copy and paste’ divorce petitions has proved the importance of seeking expert legal advice, according to Thursfields Solicitors. The leading Midlands law firm was commenting after Mr Justice Moor rejected a total of 28 petitions from the same online divorce company because they cited “absolutely identical”…

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No need to parade your family disputes in the spotlight

Nobody likes to see their family disputes and financial affairs played out in public but arguments over wills are at record levels. Never mind the embarrassment of having private matters debated in the High Court, consider the potential damage to the family business where large sums of money, assets and jobs can be affected. The…

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The importance of Pre-Nuptial Agreements in wealth protection

Often when a couple are due to embark on married life with their partner, the last thing they wish to discuss is what would happen should the relationship break down. However, having these conversations, and recording their intentions in a Pre-Nuptial Agreement, can not only save them and their families from expensive and stressful future…

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Warning: don’t post on Facebook and other social media about relationship breakdowns

Divorcing couples should not use Facebook and other social media to try to score points against their spouses. The advice comes from Pamela Arrowsmith, a consultant solicitor in the Family Law department at Thursfields, who has underlined the importance of parties thinking carefully before posting any words or images that might be used against them….

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Thursfields explains how full financial divorce settlements can be legally enforced

Ex-spouses should consider legal action if they feel they have been prevented from receiving full financial divorce settlements, according to Thursfields Solicitors. The advice comes in the wake of a high-profile court case where an ex-husband conspired with his son to prevent his ex-wife from receiving what she was due. Shane Miller, director, and head…

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Attending Remote Hearings in the Family Court

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed life for everyone and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Although many restrictions are now starting to be lifted, it seems likely that remote Court hearings will continue and may well become a permanent feature of the Family Court. A remote hearing can take place via telephone,…

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Where have all the assets gone?

Whilst everyone hopes for an amicable divorce, such may not be the case as there may be more than what meets the eye, especially when dealing with financial matters. One example is how a husband or wife may dispose of assets (e.g. cash, shares, etc) to other family members to prevent it from being considered…

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Managing holidays abroad with children when separated

As the summer period is now upon us, this often raises the question of holidays between separated parents.  This thorny issue has been made even more difficult if you wish to travel abroad with your child/children due to the current pandemic and restrictions around travelling abroad. Can I take my child/children abroad without the other…

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What will flexible working arrangements mean for shared parenting?

If flexible working was a growing trend in forward-looking companies before the pandemic, the idea has certainly grown as we have learned to cope with successive lockdowns. Already it seems as if agile working is here to stay as more and more businesses have grown accustomed to and accepted that staff can work productively from…

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No Fault Divorce – Do I need a Solicitor?

A New Minefield? The procedure for no fault divorce is likely to be introduced later this year. No fault divorce may sound very attractive and simple. However, how the petition is completed can have serious financial consequences for you and therefore is not as simple as at first sight appears. We would still recommend anyone…

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Changing your will after a divorce

In England and Wales, if you made a will while you were married and then you get divorced, your divorce can alter the terms of your will. Although your will remains valid after divorce, your ex-spouse will no longer be able to benefit from it, unless you have expressly stated otherwise. They will also no…

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Alternatives to Court Proceedings

The current COVID-19 pandemic has led to a great number of changes for almost everyone, affecting all aspects of our daily lives.  The Courts are no exception to this and have had to adapt to the current guidelines produced by the Government.  This has inevitably had an impact regarding Court Hearings going ahead, both in…

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