There’s never been a better time to talk about Wills following COVID-19

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Wills and Estates With everyone thinking more about death in the wake of COVID-19, it’s the perfect time to make sure Wills are planned properly. Michelle Hetheridge, director of the Wills & Estates department at Thursfields said professional advice would help ensure that deceased’s loved ones received what was rightfully theirs as quickly as possible….

Commercial Property |Commercial Rents – Extra Protection for Tenants

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The Government has confirmed that it will extend the time period for suspension of the forfeiture of evictions from June 30 to September 30. Additionally, they have introduced the Code of Practice for Commercial Property.  The idea of the Code is to provide clarity for businesses when discussing rental payments and to encourage best practice…

Settlement agreements and confidentiality clauses (part 1)

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When a dispute arises between two or more parties, the parties may want to try to reach an agreement which is a reciprocal compromise for both parties. The terms of such an agreement are often contained within a settlement agreement. Reaching an agreement and entering into a settlement agreement can help avoid litigation costs and…

Thursfields appointed to advise new management team | Corporate Law

Thursfields Total Distribution

Read all about a West Midlands IT firm buyout… Thursfields Solicitors has been appointed to provide ongoing legal support following a management buyout of a West Midlands-based IT business. The directors, David Ghosh, Jack Robinson and Alex Mackay, have acquired Total Distribution Ltd for an undisclosed sum from retiring owners and founders David and Tracey…

How are businesses affected by divorce? | Family Law

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In divorce cases the presence of a business will often cause a great deal of concern and anxiety not just for the business owner but also for their spouse.  It is unsurprising that this can lead to confusion and therefore disagreement when dividing the marital assets. Many people believe that if their spouse has not…

No Fault Divorce – Will this happen in 2020? Family Law

Couples hands with divorce agreement on the table

The Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Bill proposing that the current law should be changed, to allow for a provision for no fault divorce, has now passed it’s second reading in the House of Commons.  As the bill is now in its last stages, with amendments to be discussed between the House of Lords and House…

Property post lockdown – Residential Property

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Are you buying a property or are you buying a home? How has the property market been affected by the lockdown?  That is the question many are asking but, in truth, does anybody really know the answer?  There are a range of opinions on the subject based on educated guesses and predictions.  In times of…

Are Court Hearings still going ahead? Family Law

Judge Mallet Between The Split Paper Cutout Family And Car

The recent outbreak has lead to a great number of changes for almost everyone, affecting all aspects of our daily lives.  The Courts are no exception to this and have had to adapt to the current guidelines produced by the Government. Currently in the family courts, Hearings are still going ahead where possible.  Given the…

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