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From the Blog

  • 28May

    Supermarket Pubs?

    New laws have been quietly passed which may make is much harder for supermarkets to convert Public Houses to suit their needs. The laws give extra powers to Local Authorities to decide whether the site should be given protected status.

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    New Recruits for Commercial Property Team

    Thursfields are delighted to announce the recent appointment to their Commercial Property team of Claire Cooper, Associate Solicitor and Emma Hughes, Legal Assistant.

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  • 27May

    Insolvency Figures At All Time Low

    The Insolvency Service have published the statistics for the first quarter of 2015 which show that the number of corporate and personal insolvencies in England and Wales are now at the lowest levels since before the recession.

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    Surely there is a better way to resolve disputes than by going to court?

    Everyone knows that going to Court is an expensive, time consuming, adversarial and risky business, yet all too often it is seen as the only way to resolve a dispute. At the first whiff of a dispute we think about rushing off to Court and all that that involves.

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  • 22May

    Woolworths Revisited

    It seems like a long time ago since Woolworths disappeared from our high streets. In 2008, Woolworths went into administration which resulted in thousands of employees being made redundant across stores throughout the UK.

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    In Brief: The Government’s Response to the draft Protection of Charities Bill

    The draft Protection of Charities Bill, published in October 2014, intends to provide “stronger protection for charities in England and Wales from individuals who are unfit to be charity trustees” and to equip “the Charity Commission with new or strengthened powers to tackle abuse of charity more effectively and efficiently.”

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